CEO Mindset Small Group Coaching - Registration Now Open for our next Cohort!

Most entrepreneurs feel like they work all of the time, constantly sacrificing their personal and home lives, but never getting ahead in their business.

At CEO Mindset, we help our clients create strategies that work for them in their businesses and lives. Our curriculum provides a progressive structure that allows participants to focus on steady growth.

With this structure, business owners succeed in their business while maintaining balance.

Minerva Management Partners' Stacy Oldfield and Jen Robinson from Empowered Through Peace are teaming-up to provide you with a unique business coaching experience that gives you the opportunity to work ON your business AND avoid burnout at the same time. Allowing you to take a strategic look at where you want to go and how to get there while connecting, or in some cases, reconnecting with why you chose to be an entrepreneur to begin with. 

Has your business gotten too complicated in your attempt to try too many things at once to promote growth? Do you know what to do in your business and in your life but don't do what you know? Then this group coaching program is perfect for you!

The next Cohort meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month beginning in April.

The CEO Mindset Small Group Coaching Program is now open! Click Here!for more information.

To see an overview of the entire 3 part series, email ‚Äčto request your copy.