​​​Coworking Women of Charleston

The Coworking Women of Charleston group is for female entrepreneurs and those women who work from home who are looking for opportunities to cowork with other Boss Ladies in an energizing environment that provides the ability to get out of your home and interact, while still getting your work done.

Minerva Management Partners has partnered with Reverie, a furniture and local artisans consignment shop, to provide a fun and inspiring backdrop to our Group Coworking Days. As a woman-owned business, the ownership and management team at Reverie is passionate about supporting local female entrepreneurs and those women who work from home. “I’m extremely excited to have Reverie partner with us on this project”, said Stacy Oldfield, founder of Minerva Management Partners. “I love the energy and motivation I receive from being with my fellow career-driven women and am excited to work in a space with others who feel the same way.”

“I connected with these women and it all just clicked”, said Jeni Rone Becker, the Lowcountry Area Director of Junior Achievement of Greater SC and a Coworking Women of Charleston member. “Men have their digital hallways with beer on tap and now we have nailhead tufted sofas and cold brew coffee on tap! Working in this space inspires my life and gives me energy.”

If you find this idea and way of working of value please visit our Coworking Women of Charleston meetup page. Here you can learn more about the Coworking Women of Charleston and stay informed of our upcoming Group Coworking Days.