Networking is the single most powerful thing you can do to drive success for yourself and your company. However, a recent study states that 87% of women say that networking is important but only 25% of women network at least once a week (that’s compared to 46% of men). As female business owners, we can’t afford to ignore this very important aspect of creating a successful business. If you are serious about growing your business or your career, you must commit to doing what you need to do to make that happen.

Imagine if:

  • You could stop collecting business cards and could start building real relationships with people that help you reach your business and personal goals
  • You could overcome your lack of confidence, fear of rejection and failure, and fear of being judged and became instead confident enough to strike up a conversation with anyone – owning the room at every networking event you attend
  • You could minimize the number of networking events you needed to attend each month because you were laser focused on what you needed to accomplish, who you needed to meet, and how to strategically approach each event you choose to attend, minimizing the impact on your family responsibilities and the guilt associated with missing time with them

And that’s what the Network Like a Boss Lady On-Demand Program aims to address.

What is Network Like a Boss Lady?:

Network Like a Boss Lady is an on-demand, online training course that you can take from anywhere using your computer, iPad, or iPhone. Completing each of the four modules will leave you with a structured system that you can take and make your own so that you can make the most of your networking efforts to increase connections and sales in a genuine way.

Network Like a Boss Lady On-Demand Program - Registration Now Open!

The Network Like a Boss Lady On-Demand Program is now open! Click Here! for more information.