Minerva Management Partners Launches Network Like a Boss Lady On-Demand Networking Training

CHARLESTON, SC (May 5, 2018) - Minerva Management Partners, LLC, a business coaching practice designed to support women in creating the business and careers of their dreams, has announced the launch of their new on-line, on-demand networking training for women – Network Like a Boss Lady.

Research shows that by the time we reach the age of 35, women network at half the rate of our male counterparts, even though we state we believe networking to be one of the most important things we can do to advance our businesses and careers. “I’m not okay with us taking ourselves out of the game”, said Stacy Oldfield, founder of Minerva Management Partners and creator of Network Like a Boss Lady. “So, I’ve been determined to do something about it. After several years of research to understand the reasons why, I’ve created a training program that addresses these areas so that women feel confident and authentic when engaging in networking activities. And, most importantly, can learn how to network effectively and efficiently so that they don’t waste their time or have to be out there more than they have to be.”

Network Like a Boss Lady is an on-line, on-demand training program that covers topics that include: creating a strategy for your networking efforts so that you don’t waste time and energy, learning how to work a room at different types of networking events, learning how to initiate conversations, creating a personal statement that makes people remember you, learning how to add value, and how to nurture relationships. The entire training is done through a private membership site with access to each training module, printouts, MP3s, and workbook exercises. This life time access makes it easy to learn at your own pace and re-visit any of the modules whenever you need or like. You can learn more at Network Like a Boss Lady.

Not sure if the Network Like a Boss Lady program is right for you? Stacy is offering the opportunity to “test drive” the program by participating in the Minerva 3-Day Networking Challenge. You can join the challenge at Minerva 3-Day Networking Challenge.

About Minerva Management Partners, LLC

Established in October 2014, Minerva Management Partners, LLC is a business coaching practice focused on guiding and supporting women in designing the businesses and careers of their dreams through the combination of life coaching techniques and sound business best practices. With an experienced founder and president in Stacy Oldfield, Minerva Management Partners, LLC offers business operations acumen with a feminine feel to leverage a woman’s power of connection to drive results.

If you would like more information on Minerva Management Partners, LLC or Stacy Oldfield, please visit www.minerva.partners or contact Stacy Oldfield at 843.437.1505.

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