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"Minerva Management Partners combines hard masculine smarts with wily, uncanny, feminine power."

-Nina deCordova

Writer & Fundraising Consultant


Combining the experience and success we've had in business with Elite Life Coaching certification, Minerva Management Partners is passionate about our desire to see you succeed.

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There are so many cool, smart, and talented women in this world doing the most amazing things. And sometimes you just need another set of eyes to make sure everything is moving in the right direction.

Minerva Management Partners, LLC is dedicated to providing women with the support they need to design the careers and businesses of their dreams.


The better you know yourself and the path you're wanting to take your professional and/or personal life, the more secure you will feel in your daily decision-making skills. 

Executing the right plan, identifying the right resources, and having the right partner who can help you make adjustments along the way - will provide the confidence you need to achieve your goals.


Being passionate about your career and/or your business is what motivates you to get up every morning. But is it also what keeps you up at night? The daily pressures of having a business and developing a professional career sometimes create a cloud of uncertainty that makes it difficult to know what precise direction you should take. 

Having a partner who can assess and bring clarity to your situation is essential to develop a plan for your organizational and personal growth.