When deciding on a name for this company, several ideas relating to my brand attributes, geographic location, and my desire to work with professional women came to mind. My heart and gut kept coming back to the name Minerva. And interestingly enough, that name resonated with those I sought feedback from. Though there are many symbols of Minerva, I was drawn to the butterfly which represents life, happiness, and prosperity - areas in which I strive to impact for my clients.

I am excited for the opportunity to partner with incredible women and to be a part of their professional transformation. Together, we can discover the clarity and confidence you need to succeed.


I have been blessed to have the support of strong women in my life and career. They have demonstrated to me the value of surrounding myself with those who will provide guidance and encouragement to help me reach my fullest potential. In turn, this has instilled in me a passion to help other professional women achieve their own goals.

A very influential woman in my life was my maternal grandmother. She was strong, smart, driven, to the point, had a great sense of humor, and was a wickedly strategic card player. Growing up, she gave me the nickname "Little Minerva". At the time, I didn't know the significance of the name. But since then, I have learned that Minerva is the Roman Goddess of wisdom, reason, war, and strategy. Not only was she admired for her intellect, she was also beloved as a protector of the arts, schools, and sciences. Over the years, I have come to appreciate all that Minerva represents and I am honored to have been given this moniker by a woman I so admired.