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Presentations & Workshops

Whether you are organizing a professional event, developing the agenda for a workplace meeting, or creating curriculum for a class, finding the right content to educate or motivate your attendees is critical. Using guest speakers can bring a different perspective and set of stories that can expose your attendees to new ideas or ways of thinking.

With experience delivering presentations to a variety of audiences, I would love to tailor a presentation for your upcoming event, meeting, or class.

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Career Transition

Gone are the days when employees stayed with the same company through their entire career. It has become not only accepted but encouraged to look for different work experiences and opportunities - even during your prime working years. Career transition, which was once thought of as taboo, has now become something that most, if not all of us, will eventually consider.

Sometimes the transition comes as a result of corporate downsizing or restructuring. Unplanned and unexpected. And sometimes the transition comes as a result of a feeling in your gut and your heart that there is something more you are supposed to accomplish.

Acting as an objective sounding board and a brainstorming partner, I help you work through the process to not only gain clarity on your next move but also to design the plan to make it happen.

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Business Coaching

I launched Minerva because I wanted to use my business and life coaching experience to support women in creating the career or business of their dreams. There are so many smart, cool, and talented women, just like you, doing amazing things and you just need another set of eyes to make sure it all moves in the right direction.

Using a straightforward, no-nonsense approach, I become your business strategy and accountability partner. I play devil’s advocate and cheerleader – anything you need to create the success you deserve.

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