Complimentary Strategy Sessions

Minerva Management Partners is a business and life coaching practice that works with smart, driven, professional women who have identified a need in their personal or professional lives and are self-aware, courageous, and determined enough to do something about it. My clients understand that its okay to seek help and support and that focusing on personal and professional self-improvement not only benefits them but also the lives of those around them.

I help women sleep better at night and live more confidently knowing they don't have to have all of the answers and go it alone. I do this by providing an environment of reassurance, guidance, accountability, and motivation. My clients choose to work with me because I've faced the same struggles and can relate to their situation. I've felt isolated and afraid of admitting that I didn't know all of the answers because I would appear weak or less competent if I asked for help. I combine my 20+ years of corporate and small business experience with a proven process for developing individuals in a supportive and understanding way that can help just about any woman identify the right plan and successfully execute that plan to accomplish anything they desire.

If you aren't sure if coaching is right for you and just want to discuss what you are facing, I offer complimentary strategy sessions that provide a opportunity to clarify your desires and help you establish a plan of action that makes the most sense. Simply click the button below to see my schedule of available times and select the one that works best for you. If you need to request a time outside of those available, send me a note and I'll do everything I can to accommodate your request.
Warmest Regards,